Icebreakers for the School Year

As an educator, sometimes you need a good icebreaker for the beginning of the semester to help improve classroom dynamics. We wanted to share our recommendations! Our favorite resource comes from our good friends over at Icebreakers.Ws. They’ve collected over one hundred of the best icebreakers and team building activities (wow!). The best part is that the guide is totally free and don’t require any expensive materials or technology. They are perfect for your next event, whether to improve chemistry or to spark better discussion. They also have a new collection of Zoom and online icebreakers for remote learning as well.

Featured activities that your group can try include a twist on the classic Two Truths and a Lie Game involving a dream wish or hope for the semester, and also games involving sharing unique experiences or diverse perspectives, like Candy Introductions and Four Corners.

Activities are organized by event purpose (classroom, sharing, action-oriented, teambuilding) and by group size (small, medium, large, and extra large) size. Step by step instructions are provided along with a list of required materials.  These are usually ordinary items that you already have around the house or office, such as paper and notecards or other common goods.

Click here to check out their 100+ featured icebreakers.