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Cognitive Bias
Recency Bias (Tversky & Kahneman)
Summary: Recency bias is type of cognitive bias that gives emphasis or greater importance for events that happened recently over ones [...] Read More
What is Plagiarism? A Guide
Plagiarism is a serious problem in education. The good news is that it is easy to detect and avoid. Read [...] Read More
Icebreakers for the School Year
As an educator, sometimes you need a good icebreaker for the beginning of the semester to help improve classroom dynamics. [...] Read More
Cognitive Bias
Dunning-Krueger Effect
The Dunning-Krueger Effect is a cognitive bias that provides people with limited competence the illusion that they are better than [...] Read More
Cognitive Bias
Confirmation Bias (Wason)
Summary: Confirmation bias is a cognitive error that people make when they are only willing to accept new information when [...] Read More
Learning Theories & Models
Situated Learning Theory (Lave)
Summary: Situated Learning Theory posits that learning is unintentional and situated within authentic activity, context and culture. Originator: Jean Lave[1] [...] Read More

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