50 Most Important Theories: Printable Study Flashcards


Study and learn 50 of the most important theories and models in psychology with these printable flashcards.

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A fast way to memorize and study learning theories — Try these printable Learning Theories Study Flashcards.

Need to prepare for a comprehensive exam?  Try these flashcards!  Each printable card has the name of the learning theory/model, key people associated with it, and a brief definition.  Contains a complete set of 50 learning theories and models flashcards as a PDF file, ready for double-sized printing (on any normal 11″x8.5″ letter-sized paper or cardstock).   A great study tool!

  • Study and learn 50 of the most important theories and models in psychology.
  • Includes blank cards for memorization, drill and practice and note-taking.
  • Printable on any standard letter size paper.

Featuring the following Theories/Models:

Classical Conditioning
Operant Conditioning
Social Learning Theory
Cognitive Development Theory
Zone of Proximal Development
Psychoanalytic Theory
Hierarchy of Needs
Self-Determination Theory
Cognitive Dissonance Theory
Attachment Theory
Ecological Systems Theory
Social Identity Theory
Triarchic Theory of Intelligence
Multiple Intelligences Theory
Transactional Analysis
Behavioral Cognitive Therapy
Humanistic Psychology
Gestalt Psychology
Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
Drive Theory
Information Processing Model
Theory of Mind
Social Exchange Theory
Social Facilitation Theory
Mere Exposure Effect
Cognitive Load Theory
Collective Unconscious
Selective Attention Theory
Cognitive Schema Theory
Cultural-Historical Activity Theory
Stages of Moral Development
Bystander Effect
Expectancy Theory
Schema Theory
Social Cognitive Theory
Theory of Planned Behavior
Elaboration Likelihood Model
Parallel Distributed Processing (PDP) Model
Information-Motivation-Behavioral Skills Model
Erikson’s Psychosocial Development Theory
Self-Efficacy Theory
Flow Theory
Emotional Intelligence Theory
Conservation Theory
Drive Theory
Expectancy-Value Theory
Self-Regulation Theory
Kohlberg’s Theory of Moral Development
Sheldon’s The Constitutional Theory