CoSpaces: Virtual Reality Creation for the Classroom

What is it?

CoSpaces, described as a “making space for imagination,” is a free, cloud-based 3D virtual reality creation environment. Drag and drop 3D objects and images to create various scenes that can be viewed by anyone online, including in Google Cardboard-based virtual reality headsets. It also features an optional programming environment in which students can make their creations interactive via JavaScript or Blockly scripts.

CoSpaces editor
CoSpaces editor

Why is it ideal for schools?

Because the software and all the files are accessed online, it does not require any special installation. It’s simple and intuitive to create anything.

Why is it useful for learning?

Students are free to be creative, quickly building their own 3D scenes and models in minutes. It can be a good way to learn coding fundamentals.

What are some creative ways to use it?

Students can create their own historical recreations, scientific models, art exhibitions, simple games, interpretations of literature, infographics, etc.