3 steps to making money from your website

Have you heard stories of people who quit their day jobs and travel the world while making money from freelance jobs and work online? The Internet today makes all of this easier than ever before.

There are essentially three steps.

(1). Find a topic you are passionate about and write high quality content for it.  Everyone is unique.  Some folks are interested in Californian wines. Others are knowledgeable in digital cameras and can write advice for how to buy a new one.  Still others are expert in unique sports.  Find a topic and start writing high quality content on a platform like WordPress or Blogger.

(2). Spread the word about your website and slowly build traffic.  In order for Google and other search engines to find your site, you’ll need people to find your site and link to it.  There are no real shortcuts here other than gradually getting more people to link to you and share about your site on social media.

(3). Place advertisements and use an automated website improvement platform.  Now this is where it gets fun.  New tools make it extremely easy to generate different versions of your web content, arranging content and images in different positions and sizes.  Free contextual advertisement programs such as Google Adsense can be placed onto your site within minutes.  Even easier is to use an automated, data-based platform like Ezoic.  Ezoic determines which versions of your website performs the best (in terms of making you money or in terms of user engagement, your choice).  You can choose the number of ads you want to use (a little or a lot) and it’s fully customizable depending on your goals.

Ezoic, Automated Testing to Improve Websites

Ezoic is trustworthy as a certified Google Adsense partner.  Ezoic runs experiments to create hundreds of different variations of your web content, placing ads in different locations and determining the best sizes to display.  After automated testing, it shows the versions of your website that perform better.  Based upon your custom settings, you can automatically set it up so that it prioritizes either better user experience or more profit.  

It’s incredibly easy. Best of all, it costs nothing.  Just create a free account, get set up in minutes, and then it will immediately start running experiments and figuring out the best way to display your website content.  Your profits will increase by 50-250% — and they keep a small percentage in return.  You have nothing to lose — your website performs better, looks better, and will make you more money!

You can increase ad revenue 50-250% with Ezoic by improving your website with their automated testing.  Give it a try and sign up with a free account now.